Organizations that provide office supplies

You probably already know about Staples and Office Depot. These major retailers provide a wide variety of office supplies for offices and individual use. You may not know that there are other organizations that provide office supplies for non-profits and people with special needs. You may not know that there are also organizations out there that can customize specific supplies to fit a specific need or provide a totally customized experience.

The Major Retailers-Office Supplies at Retail Costs
The major retail office supply chain stores are a convenient and quick way to get office supplies. Staples and Office Depot have retail stores that supply simple office needs such as paper, pens and desk supplies at a reasonable cost. Staples and Office Depot have physical and online locations to make it simple for customers to shop for needed desk and office supply items.

Supporting the disabled and the community
Yes, you probably could purchase your office supplies at Staples or Office Depot at retail prices. You could also purchase them from distributors like WB Mason and Uline for a discounted price. You could even go to and purchase customized office supplies that match your office design. The fact is that SourceAmerica provides the disabled worker with jobs that help the community at large.

SourceAmerica helps sustain employment opportunities for disabled Americans. Their niche is office supplies. Their “one stop” solution provides community organizations and businesses with the supplies they need.

Distributors and Community services-Free or Discounted Office Supplies
WB Mason is known for its discounted prices on office furniture and supplies. The reason they can offer such discounts is because they have distribution centers around the country. Uline is another office supply distributor that provides bulk discounts of office supplies and furniture.

The Impact Foundry through its CSR Eco solutions organizations allows businesses worldwide to donate office furniture and supplies to needy non-profit organizations. CSR Eco solutions help keep office supplies out of landfills and put them to good use. It provides community organizations with the means to keep running.

Customized office supplies for everyone
The office design experts at provide expert office space planning and customized designed furniture that fits your needs.They also provide office supplies that are functional and fun. You can:
• Choose your favorite color
• Mix and Match your desk accessories
• Pick out a durable finish

Los Angeles Mall Will Welcome Amazon Bookstore Later This Year

Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles, California will welcome the first Los Angeles based Amazon brick-and-mortar bookstore later this year. The upscale mall will boast 1.3 million square feet of retail shopping after the completion of the $1 billion renovations scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2017. The bookstore is one of many new additions to the outdoor mall’s renovations.

Peter Lowy, Co-Chief Executive of Westfield Corporation, confirmed Amazon Bookstore’s opening in the shopping mall in a recent LA Business Journal article. The bookstore will be over 5000 square feet and hold Amazon’s bestselling books along with electronic devices such as the Kindle, Echo and Fire TV. Shoppers will be introduced to today’s technologically advanced shopping experience. They will be advised to download the Amazon shopping app to pay for purchases. The cost of the books will be the same as online, minus the shipping fee. Amazon Prime member’s discounts will still apply, with non-members paying 20 to 30 percent more. The store will include the online giant’s top-selling and highest rated books. Each book will have a review card with customer reviews and ratings. Amazon will provide the technology to experience the same convenience as shopping online along with the experience of being in an actual bookstore.

Amazon already has several bookstores along the West Coast, with the first being born in Seattle in 2015. They also have test stores being evaluated and in the works to open, including the Amazon Go grocery store, which will also use an app for customers to shop online and then come into the store to pick up items and skip the daunting task of the typical retail checkout. They are also experimenting with a furniture store using virtual reality as a sales platform. Amazon Chief Financial Officer, Brian T. Olsavsky, told investors, “The stores represent another way to reach the customer and test what resonates with them. “ He stated that the company has been pleased with the results. The stores have an advanced edge over competitors, where customers are presented with a new experience that is more convenient and less of a hassle. Advanced technology is being used to provide a modern day shopping experience.

This will be a new beginning for retail shopping. The company has already posted job positions on several job sites for the new mall store. Expect to see more Amazon stores in the near future.

3 New Technologies Many That Helps People With Disabilities

With all of the recent innovations in technology today, there is a huge number of things that can be done with the help of different types of computers hardware and software applications. Because many of the industries across the globe have been impacted in one way or another, many people have an opportunity to do things that they have never done before. From allowing vehicles to drive themselves, to using apps to shorten the amount of time that it takes to complete business and personal activities, there is so much that can be done with the help of innovative technologies.

Fortunately, there are some groups that can now benefit greatly from the latest technologies, so people will need to do their research on what is available. This is one of the main reasons why many people with disabilities can smile a lot more brighter when they have found the technology that can make their lives much easier. That said, here are a few great options that people can review first. These technologies, in combination with organizations that assist companies who want to hire people with disabilities, will help these valuable members of society lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Cars for the Blind

In the past, mobility for the blind could be very challenging since they could only travel from one destination to another by public transportation or with a personal driver or a friend who could help them with getting to a new destination. Today, as the times have changed, people will need to consider what it means to have a vehicle that can be driven by anyone including people who are blind. Even though these cars sound a little bit intimidating, the technology used to accomplish this objective encompasses several types of computer systems, cameras, sensors and the like.

InterAcc+ Language Software

When people are suffering from the effects of paralysis, stroke or cerebral palsy, their communications skills are very restricted, and help is normally needed for all kinds of different activities. Because spoken communication is hampered or cannot be done at all, technology for these situations has become more advanced, including InterAcc+ Language Software, which involves the use of a sophisticated eye tracking system that allows people with this type of disability to communicate with others via the use of their eyes.

DEKA Robotic Arm

In addition to being able to communicate with eye movement via InterAcc + Language Software, it is also important to note that many advances have also been made in the arena of replacing severely injured arms. Today, replacing an arm may be as easy as having access to DEKA robotic arm that the person can control themselves.

A Few Relief Organizations That Are Helping Middle Eastern Countries

During the last year, over 60 million people have been displaced around the world to war, persecution or similar reason. This is the biggest number of such affected people since World War II.

Each one of these refugees has a tragic story behind them. This is what has humanized the world. This is why many individuals are moved and looking for the most effective manner for helping these people. But such donors also have a number of questions regarding charity. They wish to deploy limited amounts of money and help the maximum number of people as possible. Mohamed Attawia would also like to help those whose needs are the highest.

There are a number of refugees who are making efforts for migrating into Europe. It is the neighboring countries of Syria that are facing great strain as they are hosting the maximum number of refugees. In order to help these refugees, it is important to know where these refugees are located, and then to support the organizations that can address the needs of these refugees at the grassroots level.

In addition to meeting the day-to-day needs of the refugees, it is also important to solve those problems of these refugees which will help them over the long term.

Just writing a check to help those who are in immediate need is not enough anymore. There has to be strategy associated with philanthropy in order to make it reach a lot further.

There are a number of well-regarded charity organizations that are mainly helping the Middle Eastern countries. Donors can easily make their contributions here directly.

InterAction is a charity organization that is doing a lot of work in this part of the world. Its members have to meet certain standards of governance. There is a dedicated page on its site that lists all those members of this organization who are helping the refugees from Syria. There are filters on the site that allow donors to locate those charities that are focusing on any specific issue. This can be specific to children or related to refugee camp management, or help in education. It has an office in Washington, D.C.

Oxfam America is a well-known charity organization that is focused on helping Syrians who are in their home country, or in Jordan or even Lebanon. They are being provided with clean water, proper sanitation, and such other vital items. Even this organization is based in Washington D.C.

Million Dollar Properties Owned by a Realtor

The properties firm, Madison Marquette, has witnessed tremendous growth over the past couple of years. Their investment portfolio has made steady double-digit gains. Several recent high-end acquisitions have bolstered their influence on the properties market in DC and the entire nation. MM, as the company gets abbreviated as, has offices over at 2001 Penn St. in DC. CEO Amer Hammour has done an exceptional job in seeing his company grow from that first office to now have branches in cities like Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Charlotte, San Francisco, Naples, and Los Angeles.

Milestone Acquisitions By MM

The company has featured prominently on the news recently. The interest began where the business announced its bold plan to shed off a few of the legacy assets they hold. Purchasing the assets is a sure win for the investors as there’s already $800 million in capital raised from investors all across the globe all looking to own a piece of this fast-growing enterprise. That just goes to show the demand is there.

Madison Marquette is a real estate powerhouse albeit it being unknown to the large part of the population. Here are some of the telephone digit figure deals it has landed in the last few years.

• The firm signed a check worth $271 million in exchange for a prime residential and commercial combo situated in Downtown Seattle.

• They own another prime property in Bellevue. Its current market value estimation is $88 million.

• In San Francisco, they developed and later sold off flats at 278 Post Street.

• MM has bought properties all over the Union District and Pioneer Square areas of the Capital.

• Over at Bay Bridge, the outlet has hundreds of apartments for sale.

Last year alone, the establishment witnessed slightly above six million visitors through their offices, nationwide. The CEO and the rest of the team working here are renowned for their sheer creativity. It’s amazing how they spruced up the building found between First and Second St, Labrea. Stunning.

Westfield Corporation’s Upcoming Projects in 2017 and beyond


Westfield Corporation is a fast expanding shopping center behemoth with international interest. According to an excerpt published on, the Australian based retail landlord spun off its Australian and New Zealand operations in 2014 to focus on international expansion strategy. The Australia and New Zealand entities are now owned and operated by the Scentre Group. In December 2015, the company announced a net profit of $2.3B (£1.65B). Westfield Corp owns a portfolio of over 30 shopping centers in the US and the UK, with assets under management amounting to about $30B. The company also has $10.5B worth of development in the pipeline.

Some of the recently completed projects include the $250m shopping center owned by Meyer Begman, a leading European investment group. According to the Westfield Corporation’s website, the company will continue to improve and redevelop its existing centers as well as acquire new sites to establish frontier markets. The proposed shopping centers are planned in London, Milan, San Diego, San Jose and Century City in Los Angeles. In 2015, the Westfield kick started projects worth $2.5B, among them the largest shopping center in the UK. The $600m development of Westfield London will have a total of 450 stores once it is completed in 2018.

Westfield’s co-chief executives, Peter Lowy and Steven Lowy, said: “The performance of our pre-eminent portfolio remains strong and we continue to make significant progress on our development program.”

The transformative Westfield Century City project in LA will have Nordstrom as its flagship store. When it is completed, the project will offer over 420,000 sq ft of premium retail space with entertainment spaces, 5-Star customer amenities, street side boutiques, open air cafes and chic restaurants among other enticing offerings. The Westfield Milan project in Italy, on the other hand, is projected to become one of Europe’s premier retail destinations. The mammoth development will incorporate high-end retailers and feature luxe dining facilities and leisure amenities. The project will be constructed on 60-hectare parcel of land adjacent to Linate Airport.

In terms of foot traffic, the Westfieldcorp website reveals that a total of 400 million customers visited shopping centers owned by the company in 2014, generating a total of $16 billion in sales. The centers built by Westfield aim to enhance productivity, strengthen the franchise value and create incentives that will attract world’s leading retail brands and franchises. The company also focuses on ensuring the centers play an important role in building the social and economic fabric of the host communities. To guarantee building quality and excellent shopping experience, Westfield Corp manages all aspects of its building design, construction, leasing and property management.

Snapchat Files for IPO After Huge Revenue Numbers in 2016

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., formally filed to go public on Thursday, offering the first official look at how the mobile app’s ad business is doing.

Last year, Snap Inc. made $404.5 million, up from $58.7 million in 2015. The large jump has a lot to do with the fact that Snap Inc.’s business, which centers around Snapchat, is still very young.

Snapchat opened its advertising business in October 2014, and that business accounted for 96 percent of its parent company’s total revenue last year. Snap Inc. also made money from sales of its video-recording sunglasses, Spectacles, but said that Spectacles “has not generated signficant revenue.”

Of the revenue that Snap Inc. generated in 2016, $365.0 million was generated directly by the company, and $34.9 million came from partners, like publishers who sell ads to run in their channels within Snapchat’s Discover section and share the revenue with Snap Inc. In 2016, the company paid out $57.8 million to content partners, such as Discover publishers, up from $9.6 million in 2015.

Snap Inc.’s revenue has grown at a much steeper rate than its flagship app’s daily user base. By the end of 2016, Snapchat’s revenue had grown by 589 percent, while the five-year-old app’s daily user base had grown by 48 percent year over year to total 158 million people.


The Important Relationship between Businesses and CSR

Corporate social responsibility has been around for decades and has been quite effective in holding companies accountable for their actions. Today, corporate social responsibility is more important than ever before. To be clear, corporate social responsibility includes such actions as product donations, pro-bono work, financial contributions, eco-friendly practices, employee community service days and many other ways businesses can give back to their communities.

Positive press and social media coverage

There are several ways corporate social responsibility coexists effectively and wonderfully with businesses such as providing positive press and reputation building. One example of providing press and reputation building is positive press and social media coverage; especially when it demonstrates good ethics, good environmental steps and positive actions toward human rights.

Corporate social responsibility appeals to consumers

Another reason why corporate responsibility is so important is because of its appeal to consumers. Consumers are constantly patronizing businesses that are supporting values they like and approve of. Research has been done which shows that most consumers are willing to pay a higher price for products that are sold by responsible businesses.

Talented professionals are drawn to corporate social responsibility

In addition, talented professionals are also driven to a business that is committed to improving the world. In the last decade, potential employees are looking more carefully at businesses that match their core values. Corporate responsibility also leads to greater employee satisfaction and retention.
Corporate social responsibility is inspiring!

Most importantly, corporate social responsibility also inspires other businesses to do the same; both locally and on a global scale. Corporate social responsibility provides other businesses to work with other businesses; which often leads to sustainable relationships, while also contributing to the greater good. Mannatech ( is a prime example of a company that has successfully incorporated social responsibility with their Mission 5 Million project where they help children in need receive proper nutrition.

To conclude, corporate social responsibility has been around for decades and has been quite effective in holding companies accountable for their actions. Find out from your HR department about the positive effects of corporate social responsibility!

1 Light Street Grows in The Middle of the Inner Harbor

The Inner Harbor area of Baltimore is one of the most exclusive and beautiful areas in America, and it grows every year with new projects that bring forth the majesty of the area. A new project at 1 Light Street will be a glass structure of immense scale, and it will offer office accommodations to companies who wish to impress. This article offers a look at what will happen at this skyscraper rises the heavens.

#1: The Glass Building Will Gleam For Miles

The building will rise over 400 feet in the air with all glass panels, and it will terminate in a sharp corner in the middle of the Inner Harbor district. It is reminiscent of the building that splits Broadway from 42nd in New York, and it will offer offices to several businesses who wish to rent there. It is a prime location marked by prime beauty on all sides.

#2: The Old Parking Lot

The old parking lot in that location will be torn down for the artist’s rendering to be made true, and the city will partner with the developer to help bring in new tenants. Adding business to the Inner Harbor makes Baltimore a better hub for business, and the city will have more businesses ready to come to the area to start new offices.

#3: Why Glass?

The Freedom Tower in New York is a new inspiration in the world of architecture, and it is quite a lot of fun to watch as light hits it every day. The smaller building in Baltimore will not stand on the same scale as the Freedom Tower, but it will have the same sort of appeal. It brings light to the middle of the city in a time when all of America is in turmoil. There is a certain amount of hope to be found in the building, and it will be a place that people can look to when they want to see what the future may hold.

Baltimore is a rising city once again as it improves its Inner Harbor, thanks to developers like Madison Marquette. The area is rife with shopping, dining and entertainment for everyone, and it is now home to a beautiful new office building. 1 Light Street will serve as a starting point for other projects in the city, and it will help grow the profile of an American coast town that wants to be back on top again.

Four Women Who Break the Mold

People still constantly say it is a man’s world when it comes to business. According to, women make eighty cents to man’s dollar and this is true across the board. How, then, do women begin to feel powerful and rise above this sobering statistic? Here are four women who rise above and made it to the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women.

Julie Sweet was Accenture’s general council and Chief Compliance Officer for five years before becoming the Chief Executive Officer in June of 2015. She transformed the company by investing in areas that are really popular right now, such as cloud computing and cyber security. On top of that, she went public with their gender and ethnicity breakdown, making Accenture the first consulting firm to do so. Another item on her agenda was letting new parents work remotely for the first year of their child’s life.

Jackie Soffer serves as the co-CEO of the major real estate development firm, Turnberry Associates, alongside her brother Jeffrey. Turnberry’s properties include major properties like the Fontainebleau Miami, Aventura Mall, Destin Commons, and Turnberry Ocean Club Residences. In addition to her position at Turnberry Associates, Jackie Soffer is very active in the South Florida community hosting charity events.

Anne Finucane is the Vice Chairman at Bank of America. Like Sweet, she gained her title in 2015. She is the only female to make this rank out of all major banks in the world. She earned her rights by working alongside the Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan since they were working at Fleet Bank. Her job includes being the main contact with the bank’s shareholders, strategy and marketing, as well as being the head of green lending.

Crystal Hanlon proudly shows off her Home Depot vest as she has for the last thirty one years. Moving up in the ranks she is now the northern division’s president, handling twenty-nine point five billion dollars, and over one hundred thousand employees. Under her vision the company bounced back through focusing on customer service.

Helena Foulks, the President of CVS, has led her company to making seventy-two billion dollars in 2015, up six point two percent. She did so by bringing more people to their pharmacy. They also recently purchased Target pharmacies. In the future, she plans to focus on general merchandising by allowing people to use their mobile pay app and focusing on expanding their makeup section in four thousand stores.

Each of these women exemplify what hard work and dedication to one’s career can do for anyone- breaking through the barrier for women’s equality while making a mark on their own industries.