As Clothing Consignment Migrates to the Web, Here’s What Investors Need to Know

With the continued growth of digital consignment shops such as ThredUp, Poshmarkand The RealReal, it’s safe to say the secondhand apparel market is having a moment.

It’s easy to understand why consumers find consignment shopping so appealing. For one, buying secondhand clothing and reselling your own duds is good for the environment. According to a report from ThredUp, if just 1% of American households shopped for secondhand clothing, it would save more than 1.1 billion pounds in carbon dioxide emissions and more than 99 billion gallons of water per year. A recent Nielsen study found that 67% of consumers are extremely concerned about increasing access to clean water, and 63% are extremely concerned about ensuring environmental sustainability. As such, the secondhand apparel market’s social good aspects are likely to resonate very well with consumers.

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Leveraging the Mobile World in Business

The demand for applications and business information using the mobile technologies has increased at a very fast rate especially for devices running on Android and Windows, Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, and using the RIM Blackberry as consumer behavior and preferences spill over to the business workforce. According to Mannatech CEO, Al Bala, the advantage of mobile technology is the drive for mobility which is a business technology agenda for most companies. For instance, more applications are needed to access information in documents and presentations. These applications need to be able to perform various business intelligence functions.

Just accessing emails using your mobile phone is practically insufficient to increase productivity and to ensure the employees gets information in real-time. One of the ways to enhance productivity is to ensure integration of mobile devices with tablet computers, various business and social applications, PDAs and smart devices along with their applications and software. It is especially very important to ensure that mobile phones help employees and partners to collaborate and communicate with customers and vendors.


According to The most significant use of mobile technology is the ability to allow people to use company resources and data in different locations. It has brought the ability of employees to move around with their mobile phones but still being able to access workstation update data, communicate, send information and analyze data. Software developers have exploited this opportunity to offer applications that are enhancing the way businesses provide their product and services. These applications can make your team more productive and efficient.

Some of the areas mobile technology has improved include:

  • Networking/Communication – it has improved how connected we are using social media, and other web-based applications to stay in touch with partners, customers and all the stakeholders. Real-time communication has saved staff time and enabled companies to offer a greater range of product and services.
  • Development – sharing information has been easier leading to faster research and development for businesses.
  • Marketing – Mobile technology has revolutionized the way we do advertising and marketing for companies. Pay-Per-Click advertising is offering a new opportunity to monitor customer behavior.
  • In commerce, mobile technology has changed the way businesses carry out mobile ticketing. With mobile technology, tickets can be booked and canceled using various techniques. And a way to verify a ticket at the venue.
  • Content purchase and delivery – digital content can be purchased easily at any location. The technology is also used to distribute coupons, vouchers, and loyalty cards. Other functions include mobile banking, information services, and mobile purchase.

Create Your Business From Scratch

services-accelerator-icon-growthbubbleEveryone wants to earn more, because usually the payment that they get from their jobs is merely enough to cover all the monthly expenses that a family has. However, there is a simple possibility, actually there are two – you can either get a better paying job, but you will still work for someone else, or you can start your own business and work and run your business at the same time.

However, the second choice requires some skills and more time, but in time you can quit your job and run your business full time.

Let’s see how you can start a business from scratch, without knowing anything about this process.

The Budget

First of all, think about how much money you can use for this. The budget that you think about will be used for financing your business for at least a few months, until it starts producing some income. You will need to have enough to cover your monthly expenses with the rent for the location, the payment PieChartRaisedof the employees – if there are any, the payment for the products or the merchandise that you plan to sell or produce and so on.

Of course, you will need some money for the taxes and licenses, as every state or country has its own legislation regarding this. You will have to pay for something to the local authorities no matter where you live, for starting a business, for the VTA and other taxes. Make sure you have some money for marketing techniques and also make sure that you have enough to pay the accountant and the lawyer, in case you decide to get one. The accountant is mandatory, as he or she surely knows all the rules and regulations regarding this.

The Idea

The bright idea that you plan to use is the one that will bring you income. If there is one single thing that you know really well how to do, then use it. Some people are good at creating flower designs and arrangements, so you can start your own flower shop, while others are specialized in accounting or financial advice, so you can create a business that is set on this.

Depending on what you know how to do, make sure you explore every available option for it. You can even make a course or follow different workshops where you can specialize in something else, like startup_business.png.0x445_q85_crop_upscaleproperty management or interior décor.

The Location

Once you know what you want to do, it’s time to look for a location for your business. In some cases, you can run your business directly from home, especially when your business is based online, like creating websites. In other cases, you will need special equipment in your location, like when you want to open up a hair salon or something similar. Make sure you choose a location of a reasonable size, so that you’ll have enough room for everything.

The Licenses

Every business needs special licenses, depending on what the business is about. Your local authorities will surely know what you have to pay for and how much, and of course your accountant and / or your lawyer should also have this information.

seoGraphOnly after you get all your licenses will you be able to register as a business and open up the store or the shop.

This is a very important step, as you can’t function without it, and obtaining these licenses can vary from place to place.

Once that you have everything ready, when you have found your employees and when you have stocked your store or shop with everything that you need, you can open up the place. Make sure that you also implement some good marketing strategies, for both the online environment and the real world. These might cost you some money, but you will see that the number of clients will increase and so will your income.