1 Light Street Grows in The Middle of the Inner Harbor

The Inner Harbor area of Baltimore is one of the most exclusive and beautiful areas in America, and it grows every year with new projects that bring forth the majesty of the area. A new project at 1 Light Street will be a glass structure of immense scale, and it will offer office accommodations to companies who wish to impress. This article offers a look at what will happen at this skyscraper rises the heavens.

#1: The Glass Building Will Gleam For Miles

The building will rise over 400 feet in the air with all glass panels, and it will terminate in a sharp corner in the middle of the Inner Harbor district. It is reminiscent of the building that splits Broadway from 42nd in New York, and it will offer offices to several businesses who wish to rent there. It is a prime location marked by prime beauty on all sides.

#2: The Old Parking Lot

The old parking lot in that location will be torn down for the artist’s rendering to be made true, and the city will partner with the developer to help bring in new tenants. Adding business to the Inner Harbor makes Baltimore a better hub for business, and the city will have more businesses ready to come to the area to start new offices.

#3: Why Glass?

The Freedom Tower in New York is a new inspiration in the world of architecture, and it is quite a lot of fun to watch as light hits it every day. The smaller building in Baltimore will not stand on the same scale as the Freedom Tower, but it will have the same sort of appeal. It brings light to the middle of the city in a time when all of America is in turmoil. There is a certain amount of hope to be found in the building, and it will be a place that people can look to when they want to see what the future may hold.

Baltimore is a rising city once again as it improves its Inner Harbor, thanks to developers like Madison Marquette. The area is rife with shopping, dining and entertainment for everyone, and it is now home to a beautiful new office building. 1 Light Street will serve as a starting point for other projects in the city, and it will help grow the profile of an American coast town that wants to be back on top again.

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