3 New Technologies Many That Helps People With Disabilities

With all of the recent innovations in technology today, there is a huge number of things that can be done with the help of different types of computers hardware and software applications. Because many of the industries across the globe have been impacted in one way or another, many people have an opportunity to do things that they have never done before. From allowing vehicles to drive themselves, to using apps to shorten the amount of time that it takes to complete business and personal activities, there is so much that can be done with the help of innovative technologies.

Fortunately, there are some groups that can now benefit greatly from the latest technologies, so people will need to do their research on what is available. This is one of the main reasons why many people with disabilities can smile a lot more brighter when they have found the technology that can make their lives much easier. That said, here are a few great options that people can review first. These technologies, in combination with organizations that assist companies who want to hire people with disabilities, will help these valuable members of society lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Cars for the Blind

In the past, mobility for the blind could be very challenging since they could only travel from one destination to another by public transportation or with a personal driver or a friend who could help them with getting to a new destination. Today, as the times have changed, people will need to consider what it means to have a vehicle that can be driven by anyone including people who are blind. Even though these cars sound a little bit intimidating, the technology used to accomplish this objective encompasses several types of computer systems, cameras, sensors and the like.

InterAcc+ Language Software

When people are suffering from the effects of paralysis, stroke or cerebral palsy, their communications skills are very restricted, and help is normally needed for all kinds of different activities. Because spoken communication is hampered or cannot be done at all, technology for these situations has become more advanced, including InterAcc+ Language Software, which involves the use of a sophisticated eye tracking system that allows people with this type of disability to communicate with others via the use of their eyes.

DEKA Robotic Arm

In addition to being able to communicate with eye movement via InterAcc + Language Software, it is also important to note that many advances have also been made in the arena of replacing severely injured arms. Today, replacing an arm may be as easy as having access to DEKA robotic arm that the person can control themselves.