A Few Relief Organizations That Are Helping Middle Eastern Countries

During the last year, over 60 million people have been displaced around the world to war, persecution or similar reason. This is the biggest number of such affected people since World War II.

Each one of these refugees has a tragic story behind them. This is what has humanized the world. This is why many individuals are moved and looking for the most effective manner for helping these people. But such donors also have a number of questions regarding charity. They wish to deploy limited amounts of money and help the maximum number of people as possible. Mohamed Attawia would also like to help those whose needs are the highest.

There are a number of refugees who are making efforts for migrating into Europe. It is the neighboring countries of Syria that are facing great strain as they are hosting the maximum number of refugees. In order to help these refugees, it is important to know where these refugees are located, and then to support the organizations that can address the needs of these refugees at the grassroots level.

In addition to meeting the day-to-day needs of the refugees, it is also important to solve those problems of these refugees which will help them over the long term.

Just writing a check to help those who are in immediate need is not enough anymore. There has to be strategy associated with philanthropy in order to make it reach a lot further.

There are a number of well-regarded charity organizations that are mainly helping the Middle Eastern countries. Donors can easily make their contributions here directly.

InterAction is a charity organization that is doing a lot of work in this part of the world. Its members have to meet certain standards of governance. There is a dedicated page on its site that lists all those members of this organization who are helping the refugees from Syria. There are filters on the site that allow donors to locate those charities that are focusing on any specific issue. This can be specific to children or related to refugee camp management, or help in education. It has an office in Washington, D.C.

Oxfam America is a well-known charity organization that is focused on helping Syrians who are in their home country, or in Jordan or even Lebanon. They are being provided with clean water, proper sanitation, and such other vital items. Even this organization is based in Washington D.C.