Four Women Who Break the Mold

People still constantly say it is a man’s world when it comes to business. According to, women make eighty cents to man’s dollar and this is true across the board. How, then, do women begin to feel powerful and rise above this sobering statistic? Here are four women who rise above and made it to the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women.

Julie Sweet was Accenture’s general council and Chief Compliance Officer for five years before becoming the Chief Executive Officer in June of 2015. She transformed the company by investing in areas that are really popular right now, such as cloud computing and cyber security. On top of that, she went public with their gender and ethnicity breakdown, making Accenture the first consulting firm to do so. Another item on her agenda was letting new parents work remotely for the first year of their child’s life.

Jackie Soffer serves as the co-CEO of the major real estate development firm, Turnberry Associates, alongside her brother Jeffrey. Turnberry’s properties include major properties like the Fontainebleau Miami, Aventura Mall, Destin Commons, and Turnberry Ocean Club Residences. In addition to her position at Turnberry Associates, Jackie Soffer is very active in the South Florida community hosting charity events.

Anne Finucane is the Vice Chairman at Bank of America. Like Sweet, she gained her title in 2015. She is the only female to make this rank out of all major banks in the world. She earned her rights by working alongside the Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan since they were working at Fleet Bank. Her job includes being the main contact with the bank’s shareholders, strategy and marketing, as well as being the head of green lending.

Crystal Hanlon proudly shows off her Home Depot vest as she has for the last thirty one years. Moving up in the ranks she is now the northern division’s president, handling twenty-nine point five billion dollars, and over one hundred thousand employees. Under her vision the company bounced back through focusing on customer service.

Helena Foulks, the President of CVS, has led her company to making seventy-two billion dollars in 2015, up six point two percent. She did so by bringing more people to their pharmacy. They also recently purchased Target pharmacies. In the future, she plans to focus on general merchandising by allowing people to use their mobile pay app and focusing on expanding their makeup section in four thousand stores.

Each of these women exemplify what hard work and dedication to one’s career can do for anyone- breaking through the barrier for women’s equality while making a mark on their own industries.

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