Million Dollar Properties Owned by a Realtor

The properties firm, Madison Marquette, has witnessed tremendous growth over the past couple of years. Their investment portfolio has made steady double-digit gains. Several recent high-end acquisitions have bolstered their influence on the properties market in DC and the entire nation. MM, as the company gets abbreviated as, has offices over at 2001 Penn St. in DC. CEO Amer Hammour has done an exceptional job in seeing his company grow from that first office to now have branches in cities like Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Charlotte, San Francisco, Naples, and Los Angeles.

Milestone Acquisitions By MM

The company has featured prominently on the news recently. The interest began where the business announced its bold plan to shed off a few of the legacy assets they hold. Purchasing the assets is a sure win for the investors as there’s already $800 million in capital raised from investors all across the globe all looking to own a piece of this fast-growing enterprise. That just goes to show the demand is there.

Madison Marquette is a real estate powerhouse albeit it being unknown to the large part of the population. Here are some of the telephone digit figure deals it has landed in the last few years.

• The firm signed a check worth $271 million in exchange for a prime residential and commercial combo situated in Downtown Seattle.

• They own another prime property in Bellevue. Its current market value estimation is $88 million.

• In San Francisco, they developed and later sold off flats at 278 Post Street.

• MM has bought properties all over the Union District and Pioneer Square areas of the Capital.

• Over at Bay Bridge, the outlet has hundreds of apartments for sale.

Last year alone, the establishment witnessed slightly above six million visitors through their offices, nationwide. The CEO and the rest of the team working here are renowned for their sheer creativity. It’s amazing how they spruced up the building found between First and Second St, Labrea. Stunning.