Los Angeles Mall Will Welcome Amazon Bookstore Later This Year

Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles, California will welcome the first Los Angeles based Amazon brick-and-mortar bookstore later this year. The upscale mall will boast 1.3 million square feet of retail shopping after the completion of the $1 billion renovations scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2017. The bookstore is one of many new additions to the outdoor mall’s renovations.

Peter Lowy, Co-Chief Executive of Westfield Corporation, confirmed Amazon Bookstore’s opening in the shopping mall in a recent LA Business Journal article. The bookstore will be over 5000 square feet and hold Amazon’s bestselling books along with electronic devices such as the Kindle, Echo and Fire TV. Shoppers will be introduced to today’s technologically advanced shopping experience. They will be advised to download the Amazon shopping app to pay for purchases. The cost of the books will be the same as online, minus the shipping fee. Amazon Prime member’s discounts will still apply, with non-members paying 20 to 30 percent more. The store will include the online giant’s top-selling and highest rated books. Each book will have a review card with amazon.com customer reviews and ratings. Amazon will provide the technology to experience the same convenience as shopping online along with the experience of being in an actual bookstore.

Amazon already has several bookstores along the West Coast, with the first being born in Seattle in 2015. They also have test stores being evaluated and in the works to open, including the Amazon Go grocery store, which will also use an app for customers to shop online and then come into the store to pick up items and skip the daunting task of the typical retail checkout. They are also experimenting with a furniture store using virtual reality as a sales platform. Amazon Chief Financial Officer, Brian T. Olsavsky, told investors, “The stores represent another way to reach the customer and test what resonates with them. “ He stated that the company has been pleased with the results. The stores have an advanced edge over competitors, where customers are presented with a new experience that is more convenient and less of a hassle. Advanced technology is being used to provide a modern day shopping experience.

This will be a new beginning for retail shopping. The company has already posted job positions on several job sites for the new mall store. Expect to see more Amazon stores in the near future.