Organizations that provide office supplies

You probably already know about Staples and Office Depot. These major retailers provide a wide variety of office supplies for offices and individual use. You may not know that there are other organizations that provide office supplies for non-profits and people with special needs. You may not know that there are also organizations out there that can customize specific supplies to fit a specific need or provide a totally customized experience.

The Major Retailers-Office Supplies at Retail Costs
The major retail office supply chain stores are a convenient and quick way to get office supplies. Staples and Office Depot have retail stores that supply simple office needs such as paper, pens and desk supplies at a reasonable cost. Staples and Office Depot have physical and online locations to make it simple for customers to shop for needed desk and office supply items.

Supporting the disabled and the community
Yes, you probably could purchase your office supplies at Staples or Office Depot at retail prices. You could also purchase them from distributors like WB Mason and Uline for a discounted price. You could even go to and purchase customized office supplies that match your office design. The fact is that SourceAmerica provides the disabled worker with jobs that help the community at large.

SourceAmerica helps sustain employment opportunities for disabled Americans. Their niche is office supplies. Their “one stop” solution provides community organizations and businesses with the supplies they need.

Distributors and Community services-Free or Discounted Office Supplies
WB Mason is known for its discounted prices on office furniture and supplies. The reason they can offer such discounts is because they have distribution centers around the country. Uline is another office supply distributor that provides bulk discounts of office supplies and furniture.

The Impact Foundry through its CSR Eco solutions organizations allows businesses worldwide to donate office furniture and supplies to needy non-profit organizations. CSR Eco solutions help keep office supplies out of landfills and put them to good use. It provides community organizations with the means to keep running.

Customized office supplies for everyone
The office design experts at provide expert office space planning and customized designed furniture that fits your needs.They also provide office supplies that are functional and fun. You can:
• Choose your favorite color
• Mix and Match your desk accessories
• Pick out a durable finish